With increasing utility rates, every homeowner is looking for a way to save money on the utility bill. But does installing a geyser timer really save money and how does it work?

 As mentioned in our previous article, your geyser has a thermostat which is set to heat the water to a certain temperature. When the geyser is switched on by the thermostat, it heats the water in the geyser using the element. Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat switches off.

Depending on the temperature outside, the water temperature drops and automatically turns on the thermostat again in order to heat the water to the desired level. So why would that be a problem?

Every time the geyser switches on, it uses around 4000W or 4KW and if the geyser takes 30 minutes to reheat the water, it would use 2KW. Taking into consideration, this process can happen 10 -20 times per day (depending on the season) heating your water could cost you around 20KW per day or 600KW per month.

Installing a geyser timer controls the times the geyser switches on an off and prevent the thermostat to switch on when the temperature drops every time. Instead of heating the water 10 -20 times per day, the timer enables the thermostat to only work twice a day reducing your electricity by up to 37%.

In turn, this means your element and thermostat will not work as hard possibly prolonging the life of your geyser element and thermostat. Another method of saving on your utility bill, is making use of a geyser blanket.

A geyser blanket is another way to reduce the cooling rate of the geyser. Geyser blankets are a safe and efficient way to save on the utility bills. This is how it works:

Geyser blankets is an additional layer of insulation specifically designed to be wrapped around the geyser and are relatively inexpensive. If your geyser is not insulated, the water in the geyser will constantly be reheated which results in an escalation in your utility bills (if you are not making use of a geyser timer).

These geyser blankets are available in 50mm or a 135 mm layer. The thicker the layer of the blanket,

the less heat will escape from the geyser

Bescon electrical can install your geyser timer as well as your geyser blanket and ensure it will start saving you money from day one.

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