The simplest definition for an electrical contractor is a person or a firm that performs specialized construction work related to the design, installation and the overall maintenance of electrical systems. Electrical contractors need to ensure that the electrical systems they install, work effectively and is safe.

On some things in life, we don’t compromise. One of them should definitely include hiring a licensed electrical contractor.

Do all construction sites require an electrical contractor?

The answer to this question is undeniable yes. Whether you are building a new home or business, there is no doubt that electrical contractors are crucial to the entire construction industry. The purpose of an electrical engineer/contractor on any construction site is to survey the site, manage the design and construction of electrical systems to ensure all electrical work performed is in accordance with the legislative requirements and any applicable codes of practice and according to the technical standards.

In the electrical industry, there are many “contractors” who claim to be able to do the job at hand. But considering this is your business that is under construction, there are several aspects to look at before hiring an electrical contractor.

• The company you are hiring to complete the electrical systems during construction, need to be able to provide you with a license stating they are qualified to do the job at hand.
• References are almost as important as a license. An electrical contractor should always be able to give you past references
• Look at the company’s credentials. They should always be up to date and informed about the latest electrical methods which include installation, repairs and replacement. If they are qualified and reliable, they will be able to inform you on the latest installation techniques and the procedure they are to follow.
• Always ensure to have the electrical contractors proposal in writing. This will ensure that all necessary details are included and that this proposal accurately reflects your needs and goals for your project.
• Don’t always hire the lowest bidder. This in itself can pose many health and safety risks. Find someone that is affordable, has good references and is licensed to do the job correctly the first time.

Bescon Electrical takes pride in our work and our employees. Ensuring we employ only the best qualified electrical contractors for your peace of mind.

Bescon Electrical provides a wide range of services including the following to name just a few:

• Electrical certificate of compliance
• Earth Leakage
• Fault Finding
• Fault repair
• Tripping Electricity
• Pool motors
• Stoves
• Security Lights

Bescon Electrical has the capacity to design, construct and project manage installations and we are committed to having a service level agreement (SLA) for client`s specific needs.