Look no further. Bescon Electrical has got you covered with all types of stove repairs. With our wide variety of services we have to offer at Bescon Electrical, there is no job too big or too small.

There is nothing more frustrating than a stove that isn’t working. If your stove stops, so does the cooking and the baking. Electrical oven problems can occur at any time. And when they do, you will need a professional like Bescon Electrical to diagnose the problem.

There are mainly 2 types of stoves. Electrical stove and gas stove. Electrical stoves and gas stoves differ not only in their power supply but also in the problems that might occur.

Electrical stoves can have multiple causes to stop working. The causes might be:
• A blown fuse
• Tripped switch
• Oven not getting enough electricity
• Power outage

Other problems might include:

If your stove is not heating up, this might be due to a fan element that has failed. Another possibility is that the thermostat or thermal fuse has blown, and the oven is no longer able to heat up. Bescon Electrical have got qualified electricians in Pretoria to assist in the fault-finding.

Should you be unable to grill your food, or the grill element is not heating up, it might be likely that the element needs replacing. 

Gas Stoves has got different types of problems. These are mainly:
• Surface burner won’t light
• Weak Burner Flame
• Gas Odour

There is nothing more frustrating than struggling with a gas stove when the burner won’t light, or your kitchen is filled was a gas odour. This might require the expertise of an experienced electrician in Pretoria like our staff at Bescon Electrical.

Our range of services doesn’t just stop at stove repairs. We offer a wide variety of services to be able to tend to all your needs. These services include:

Stoves,Testing, Tripping Electricity, Wiring, LP Gas Boiling tables, LP Gas Certification of Compliance,LP Gas Fireplaces and many more.

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