Power saving tips for a significant reduction in electricity consumption from Bescon Electrical.

Everyone across the world could do with a lower utility bill. And for some people, that might sound hard to accomplish. But the truth be told, there are simple tips for saving electricity for a lower utility bill every month.

Bescon Electrical is a Pretoria based company that can assist you with all your electrical needs. Even if it involves power-saving tips for not only saving electricity but an overall lower utility bill. All products can be supplied and installed by Bescon Electrical.

We have a wide range of power-saving tips to assist you in saving electricity. And, with loadshedding, we are all a little frustrated without electricity. What are the next steps to ensure electricity even in times of loadshedding or just for a lowered utility bill?

Power saving tip 1: Installing a solar geyser

This might seem like something you have heard, install a solar panel or go solar. But what about winter? What about the days where rain pours down endlessly? How will I get

electricity or even warm water on a rainy day? With the latest technology available, there is

no reason to panic about rainy days and lowered sunlight. Not only will a solar geyser save you money on your utility bill, but it is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

How does a solar geyser work during winter?

The solar geyser works in a wonderful way. The solar water heating system can be effective because of efficient insulation. With good insulation, sunlight will be able to heat the water quite well in a solar geyser during winter. The sun provides radiation which is converted into energy to heat up the geyser, even if the outside temperature is well below freezing – providing good insulation can ensure very small heat loss.

When the temperature is cold during winters, radiator fluid technology is used in solar geysers. In this system, a liquid catalyst or radiator fluid is warmed by the sun’s energy and it is pumped in the heat exchange tank.

The heat exchange tank exchanges the heat of the fluid with water and warms the water in the storage tank. Radiator fluid should be checked before winter starts to ensure proper heating of water.

The cost of a solar geyser is not that expensive if you can have a lowered utility bill for the months and years to come. Becson Electrical has the perfect power-saving technology when it comes to solar geysers that best suits your home.

Power saving tip 2: Turn of and unplug unnecessary electronic items when not in use.

You’ve probably never thought about it or maybe you have, but those appliances that are plugged in, but not in use, still use electricity. most plugged-in appliances generally only eat up low levels of electricity, just about a watt or two. But some electronics – like computers and TVs – consume a lot more power, even when they're just in standby mode. And it's the cumulative effect of having so many devices plugged in around the clock that can really add up on your overall electricity consumption. Kitchen appliances also present easy opportunities to unplug because the outlets are usually right above your counter backsplash.

Another benefit from unplugging your appliances is protection for power surges. It doesn’t take a huge surge from a lightning strike or a transformer explosion to damage your appliances. Small surges occur commonly when other large appliances in your home turn on, such as your air conditioner or your refrigerator’s compressor. Over a long enough period of time, these small surges can gradually wear away at other appliances on the same circuit, shortening their useful lifespans. By unplugging devices that are not in use, your electricity consumption will lower in turn reflecting on your utility bill.

Power saving tip 3:  Install LP Gas stoves.

With the country’s power supply struggling to meet everyone’s needs and constant loadshedding, there is nothing more frustrating than being unable to cook and prepare a meal.

The cost of a gas stove might look expensive, but in the long run, gas stoves have proven to be more affordable and reliable than an electric stove. Gas is also a much more efficient energy source so it will have lower CO2 emissions. Gas stoves instantly heat up where electrical ovens take time to heat up using more electricity than required.

Bescon Electrical in Pretoria can assist you with your gas stove installation and all your LP Gas requirements.

Power saving tip 4: Replace your lightbulbs with LED light bulbs for saving electricity

Everyone in South Africa tries to have LED light bulbs installed for saving electricity. LEDs are just more energy efficient – a 10-watt LED bulb does exactly the same as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. This not only saves you money on your utility bill but also reduces your carbon footprint.

In our next article, we will continue with more power-saving tips from Bescon Electrical.

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