In our previous article, we discussed power saving tips by installing a solar geyser, unplugging electronics when not in use, installing a gas stove and replacing your lightbulbs with LED bulbs. But what else you do to lower your electricity consumption?

There is no doubt that there are several options available for saving electricity. And not every option is suitable for everyone. Some people already have a gas stove installed or changed their light bulbs to LED bulbs. But the utility bill might still be a little high. What else can you do? Bescon Electrical has many solutions for saving electricity.

Power saving tip 1: Reduce your pool filter operating times and cover your pool

Summertime is definitely the time to enjoy your pool with friends and family. A clear and clean pool is something to look forward to. But you can have a clear and clean pool while you are lowering your electricity consumption.

The pump and pool filter pump can be one of the largest users of electricity in any home. If you reduce the amount of time you run the pump, you’ll save money on your utility bill. Reduce your filter operating times to no less than 4 to 5 hours per day during summer and 2 to 3 hours per day during winter. You will reduce your annual electrical consumption by 40 to per cent.

Another thing to consider might be covering your pool. A pool cover helps keep your pool clear. With the rainy season here, leaves and grass blows into your pool and by covering your pool you will have to run your filter pump less often saving you even more on electricity consumption.

Power saving tip 2: Install a solar panel to charge your gate motor.

When it comes to loadshedding, there is nothing more frustrating than having to get out of your vehicle to open your gate manually. But if you install a solar panel to charge your gate motor, this won’t be necessary. These systems can operate even in low sunlight and depending on the size of the solar panel, can open and close up to 10 times.

These systems use no electricity to charge your gate motor battery and therefore lowers your electricity consumption. Bescon Electrical can assist you in installing the correct solar system for your needs.

Power saving tip 3: Insulate your geyser and hot water pipes.

Geysers are responsible for up to 45 percent of the household electricity usage. That is a significant amount of electricity consumption when you want to lower your usage. If you don’t want to install a solar geyser-like we discussed in our previous article which can lower your electricity consumption and in turn lowers your utility bill, there is another option for you.

When it comes to insulating your geyser, the layers typically consist of a 50mm – 135mm layer. The thicker the layer, the better insulation it offers and reduce the amount of heat loss that takes place hourly. By insulating your geyser, you can save up to 21 percent on your monthly utility bill.

Power saving tip 4: Reduce your geyser temperature

As mentioned above, geysers are responsible for 45 percent of the overall electricity consumption in a home. BY decreasing the temperature of your geyser, you can indeed lower your utility bill. And when you install an energy and water-saving shower head, you can save money on water and electricity.

Bescon Electrical has so many services to offer and with our devices and services, you are bound to save money on your utility bill.

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