Are you in the process of selling your property? So much to do in so little time. Have you obtained your Electrical Certificate of Compliance or COC? Let Bescon Electrical handle your Electrical Certificate of Compliance for you.

What is an Electrical Certificate of Compliance or COC?

Before you sell your home, it is important to obtain an Electrical Certificate of Compliance.  An Electrical Certificate of Compliance or COC is a document that verifies that the electrical installations such as the plugs, lights, DB-board, geyser and wiring in a home comply with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

But why do I need an Electrical certificate of compliance?

Just like water and gas, electricity can leak. Leakage of electricity is potentially dangerous when the source is touched. The earth leakage relay is designed to monitor leakage and if the leakage exceeds the value allowed by the earth leakage, it will trip the power and disconnect the current flow. Therefor, it is important that all circuits are properly earthed to ensure the earth leakage relay would operate in an emergency.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that a faulty or non-compliant electrical installation on the property does not pose a threat to fire or electrocution to any person or animal on the property.

It is important to ensure that all plugs, lights and wiring is maintained and kept in working order and installed in accordance with SANS10142-1 electrical installation regulations.

What is inspected during the issuing of an Electric certificate of compliance or COC?

When we talk about the issuing of an Electric compliance certificate or COC, the inspector will look at many aspects like for instance:

  • Is there already an Electric certificate of compliance for the property;
  • Is this a new installation, existing installation or temporary installation;
  • Type of installation will be inspected – residential, commercial, industrial;
  • Type of electricity supply system – TN-S, TN-C-S, TN-C, TT, IT,
  • Supply earth terminal provided – Yes or no
  • The voltage will be checked – 230V, 400V, 525V;
  • Number of phases will be inspected – One phase, two phases, three phases, Phase rotation, clockwise, anticlockwise
  • Frequency – 50Hz;
  • Main switch type: Switch disconnector (on-load isolator), Fuse switch Circuit-breaker, Earth leakage circuit-breaker, Earth leakage switch disconnector;
  • Rated earth leakage tripping current, 30mA or other
  • mA Surge protection
  • Is alternative power supply installed;
  • Is any part of the installation a specialised electrical installation;
  • Is any part of the installation at a voltage above 1 kV;
  • Is this installation one of five or more on the same new supply;

Other electrical components in the system include all the cables that run from the main distribution boards to the plugs, switches, and outlets. This includes wall plugs and light switches for all lights in the house. 

The certificate also checks the wiring and circuits to all the fixed appliances, including appliances that are connected directly to a wall socket. The certificate also includes the earthing relay system and all the electrical flow throughout the home. These examples are to name just a few electrical points that will be evaluated during the inspection. 

It is important to remember that during the inspection, fixed home appliances are ONLY checked to ensure they are connected to the installation via approved means – not whether they are in working condition. This includes items such as ovens, stoves, hobs, air-con units, swimming pool pumps, bore hole pumps, pool lights, garage and gate motors, pond pumps, HVAC system, alarms, wall heaters and any other fixed appliances

Should you require appliances to be thoroughly checked, Bescon Electrical can assist with this as well. 

How long is an Electrical Certificate of Compliance valid?

This certificate remains valid for 24 months after issuing, subject to no alterations or work being done during that period.

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