Electricity Maintenance involves the fault diagnosis, routine servicing, and repair of electrical components of a machine or power source. Mainly there are five types of electricity maintenance in the industry namely, corrective, preventive, condition-based, predictive and predetermined. In this article we will look at corrective maintenance and preventative maintenance.

Corrective Electricity Maintenance:

Corrective maintenance is any maintenance task that involves repairing a piece of equipment after it has already broken down. Avoiding breakdowns is the best policy, but corrective maintenance is the only option after a machine suffers a breakdown. The way to perform corrective maintenance activities is by conducting four important steps:       

  1. Fault detection.
  2. Fault isolation.
  3. Fault elimination.
  4. Verification of fault elimination

Don’t attempt to be your own electrician. Get a qualified electrician to determine what caused the breakdown and to do the corrective maintenance needed. Attempting this procedure by yourself could have dangerous consequences.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can be described as maintenance of equipment or systems before a fault occurs. Preventive maintenance is essential for electrical equipment. Lack of or ignoring electrical maintenance is often directly related to failures that can trigger unwanted downtime or even cause severe injury or death. The problem is that facilities maintenance staff often ignore or bypass the regular or routine preventive maintenance procedures and techniques that can minimize these unwanted consequences.

Bescon Electrical can assist you in electrical fault finding before it’s too late. Having a qualified electrician by your side might just be what you need. Electrical fault finding is a job to be left to the professionals. Electric faults can happen without warning, and often without showing any particular sign, before disastrous consequences to you or your electrical system occur.

It is therefore important to have regular testing and electricity maintenance carried out on your installations to ensure that systems are safe, compliant, and to reduce the potential for electrical equipment failure. 

How could I predetermine if there is an electrical fault on an appliance or problem with my power source?

There are many ways to determine an electrical fault finding. This might be due to a household item that is faulty (burned wires on an appliance, lose connections) or there could be another problem to the power source and should only to be attended to by a professional electrician, like our experts at Bescon Electrical. However, there is a simple way to check if you require the services of an electrician to assist you with your problems.

To test your power source for consumption, you can do a simple test. Check your consumption over a 7day period - take daily meter reads to see if the daily consumption is consistent. Turn everything electrical off then check your meter to see if this makes a difference. One by one turn everything back on. This will help you identify if you have a faulty electrical device/appliance. 

Why is maintenance on my DB Board and circuit breakers important?

There are certain things in life we expect. In these days we all hope for a low utility bill. But have you given your high bill any thought? When was the last time you did maintenance on your power source?

When you installed your DB Board during the 1960’s or 70’s, this was the best equipment available at the time and therefore it was installed. But, there are better products and wiring available. Leaving your old wiring due to “the replacement cost” is never an option. Electricity is one of our daily needs in this modern day of living, yet it receives the least attention until something goes wrong.

Did you know that old wires and unmaintained power sources can run up your electric bill?

Old wiring can be fraught with problems that can not only run up your electric bill but can also pose fire hazards. Old fuses and circuit breakers may not be sufficient to handle your modern family's electrical draw. Arc faults in poorly maintained older homes can cause a drastic increase in electricity use.

It’s about time you eliminate your high utility bills. Phone Bescon Electrical today for all your electric fault finding and electrical maintenance needs.

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