Fully understanding why you need a pool pump and pool filter will be highly beneficial when it comes to pool pump maintenance and how to take advantage of its features.

The purpose of a pool pump is for water circulation inside the pool. The pump system clears debris from the water and keeps pool chemicals mixed by pushing water into the filtration system and back out again.

Pool Filters - There are several types of different pool filters available on the market today. Not every filter will benefit your pool as size of the pool plays a vital role in the filter that will be installed. It is very important to always shut down the motor before attempting to clean your filter. The different types of filters are:

Cartridge pool filters -   These filters wee mainly used for above ground pools but are increasingly being used for in-ground pools. Cartridge pool filters are the easiest to maintain and use. They work by trapping dirt particles inside the cartridge and releasing clean water free from debris. Cleaning these filters is an easy job and can be done without having a “pool cleaning degree”. The debris and particles can be cleaned using a hose pipe and are reusable for a period of approximately 12 months where after it should be replaced.

Sand filters – A Sand filter operates by pushing the water through a sand filtration system. The particles in the water are trapped in the sand and clean water is released into the pool. Sand filters are cleaned by performing a backwash on your pool motor. These types of filters neds to be replaced every 5 years. 

Glass Media Filter – A Glass media filter can also be used and works on the same principal as the sand filter. There is an extra added benefit of using these types of filters. Glass media filters the water more finely and needs to be backwashed a lot less and needs replacing less frequently.

Then we get to the heart of the pool. The pool pump. The pool pump is the key component of the pool filtration process. As discussed above the filter only filters the water and with a pool pump that is not working correctly, the pool pump will not be able to pull the water through into the filter system. This is where pool maintenance comes in. If we compare your pool with your vehicle, we know that a vehicle needs to be serviced at certain intervals and driving a vehicle that has not been serviced in a long time, is a problem waiting to arise. The same with your pool. Although it can provide countless hours of pleasure for you and you family, it also needs the same attention you would give your vehicle. One of the most important components of your pool is definitely your pool pump.

Propper maintenance on your pool pump needs to be done. Your pool will definitely benefit from regular maintenance. If you notice any of the following, it might be necessary to contact Bescon Electrical to inspect the situation:

Decrease in water flow rate, your swimming pool pump runs but doesn’t pump water, a leaking pool pump, a noisy pool pump, the pool pump is not starting or not turning off.

Getting a professional to assist you with these problems, is the best option to maintain a healthy pool, a healthy pool motor and for overall pool maintenance to unsure your pool is well taken care of and avoid further problems which might result in costly repairs. Have no knowledge on pool maintenance? No problem. Bescon Electrical has a professional available to assist you with your pool problems. Phone us today for your quote on your pool maintenance.

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