Having crystal clear water in your pool in summer almost feels like a must. But what if the water turns green? How do I determine when to call a pool specialist?

This is where proper pool maintenance and the correct pool specialist company plays a vital role when it comes to the water conditions of your pool.

Green pool water indicates there is a presence of Algae in the water. Algae is known to grow rapidly and can spread overnight especially during the summertime. Algae flourishes in these types of weather conditions when it is warm and sunny. When Chlorine levels drop below 1ppm, it can cause Algae to grow in the pool. Green pool water could simply mean that the chlorine levels in the pool are too low leaving place for the Algae to grow faster.

This problem can be identified by looking at your swimming pool’s walls. The Algae growth will be clearly visible. The Algae grows on the side of the walls or on the bottom of the pool. Algae feel slippery to the touch and not the ideal water conditions for swimming season.

There is a possible solution for this common problem. Your PH level of the pool needs to be corrected. Adding a shock treatment to your pool after testing your PH levels, should solve this common problem. There are several aspects to consider before adding shock treatment to your pool. The size of your pool needs to be calculated in order to get the amount of shock treatment needed for your pool size.

There could also be another cause. The clarity of your pool water also depends on the filter you are using. A bad filter can also be the cause of this problem. If you are using a sand filter, clearing out the Algae might take a week or more to clear up. When using a cartridge filter, you need to clean this filter daily until the pool water is clear and free of Algae. A properly working filter is a must for every pool. If your filter isn’t operational, your pool will remain green.

Proper pool maintenance is a must and with Bescon, your pool maintenance can be a problem of the past. With qualified personnel, Bescon is looking forward to 2020 assisting our clients with one pool at a time.

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