Power Saving Devices and Tips


1. Installing a geyser wise device on your geyser can reduce your electricity bill dramatically. It can be set to operate only on specific times as required.
2. Reduce the temperature of your geyser to around 55-60 degrees.
3. Insulate your geyser and hot water pipes.
4. Installing a solar or lp gas water heater will save a lot of money annually.


1. Use energy saving light bulbs (LED)


1. Turn appliances off at the wall rather than leaving them on stand-by-mode.
2. Switch off TV's, DVD players, Play station console's, computers and printers etc. when not in use. Even in stand-by-mode, they use electricity.
3. A Laptop computer uses up to 90% less energy than bigger desktop models.
4. Unplug Cell phone chargers when not in use as they still use electricity.
5. Install a heat pump - heat pumps are four times more efficient than plug-in heaters
6. Install LP Gas appliances stoves, hobs and water heaters etc.
7. Install a Solar PV system for your lights, fridges, PC`s, TV, alarm & CCTV.

Swimming Pools

1. Reduce the time you operate your pool pump.
2. Cover your pool - it keeps it cleaner, requiring the filter to run less often.
3. Install solar panels with a grid-tie solution to run your pool off the grid during day time.

Gate & Garage Motors (DC)

1. Install a solar panel with a charge controller to charge your gate motor battery.